2017-2018 Co-op Questions – Please Reply

In order to finalize our course schedule for next year we need some feedback from you.

  1. Creative Writing – we are trying to determine the grade range needed for Creative Writing taught by Abby Mills.  It is currently 4-6 but might change to 5-7.  Your student would need to be able to type to take this course.  Could you let us know if you are interested in this class and which hour (10:10 or 11:20) works best.
  2. Biology – does your student need Biology next year?
  3. Robotics – Would you be interested in having your student in Robotics at 11:20 with Major Cottrell? This is the only hour he is available.
  4. Etiquette -Are you interested in your student taking Etiquette (bi-weekly or monthly) taught by Kim Lackey?
  5. Anatomy – would your student be interested in taking Anatomy during the 8:30 hour on Tuesdays. To take this course, your student should have already completed Biology.

Please reply ASAP to Katie Bricker (kbricker1@gmail.com) AND Laures Merryman (merryfam@verizon.net).