Community Groups – A Place to Grow Together

Do we really need other Christians to help us grow up as disciples? And do other Christians really need us? Are our gifts really that significant?

Regardless of how we feel or think, the Word of God is very clear: we need others and other Christians need us to grow together in the body of Christ. Every Christian has been given a gift of the Spirit for the common good (1 Corinthians 12:7). And we each have an important and unique contribution to make in the body of Christ.

Not only that, our gifts are perfectly designed and distributed to work together. God has a master recipe for the church, and he has composed the body that as we live out our lives together, we glorify him as we honor and care for one another (I Corinthians 12:24).

For the past forty years relationships have been an important value in our church family. There are many ways to get to know others, and to serve in Redeeming Grace Church. Our Community Groups (CG) are one of the most helpful contexts where we can develop genuine relationships with one another and for us to get started using our spiritual gifts.

In our Community Groups we talk together about God and his word. As we discuss God’s word, and pray with and for one another, we are able to deepen the kind of relationships that allow us to be known and to know and serve others. It’s a context for us to give and receive care as well as to encourage each other to participate in the mission of the church.

Visit the church website to find a community group, or give me a call at the church office 703-691-0600 (I’d be happy to help). We all need other Christians in our lives and other Christians really need us!

Kenneth Maresco