Inside Services

COVID Updates

We want you to make an informed and faith-filled decision about coming to our indoor services. The information you need to evaluate what’s best for you is below. By way of reminder, we will continue to live-stream the Sunday service at 10:30 a.m. on YouTube.

The elders and staff have carefully considered our members’ input and have tried to respect the range of perspectives and needs represented in our congregation. Here’s what to expect at a Sunday service.


Updates as of 2/26/2022:


Balcony Seating: Continue to be mask-only (except for those under 2) with every-other-row closed for physically-distanced seating.

COVID-Cautious Room: Continue with mask, vaccination, and occupancy requirements.

Main Level: Due to the need for more seating on this level over the past few weeks, there will no longer be “every other row” seating on the left side of the auditorium. While we’re making this change, we are also moving to “mask optional” instead of “mask recommended."

Grace Kids: Teachers and helpers are no longer required to wear masks.

Coffee: We will resume this service.

Check back for additional updates.


If you or a member of your family are sick, please stay home. If you attend a service in-person and later find out that you were sick, please contact SaraJane Strylowski. If we are notified that two or more people who have attended our service have contracted COVID-19, we will update this page below.

If you’ve been exposed to COVID, please visit the CDC website for quarantine recommendations.

Masks (updated 2/26/22)

Masks are optional while in the building.

Masks are required in the balconies except for children under age 2, regardless of vaccination status. Those who will sit in this section may enter the building from the side doors near the upper parking lot, and take the stairs at that entrance to the balconies. This will significantly reduce the number of people you will encounter.

Seating (updated 2/26/22)

COVID-Cautious Room: One of the Parent-Toddler Rooms is reserved for those who are fully vaccinated and masked. There is an air purifier running in the room, and there is a maximum capacity of 9 to ensure physical distancing. If more than 9 people want to use the room, we ask that priority be given to the immuno-compromised.

Changes – We will continue to monitor plans based on current information, including statistics in Fairfax County.

These are our current plans – subject to change depending on how things go and the input we receive. If you see things that you think can be improved, please let us know! Each week we’ll evaluate to make sure we are continuing to provide as safe an environment as we can, while continuing to provide a place for God’s people to come together for worship and fellowship.

Updated 2/26/22

COVID-19 Cases at RGC

We update this page when a person notifies us that they have attended an RGC function while contagious with COVID-19. By way of reminder, a person is considered contagious for 2 days before the onset of symptoms, or 2 days before the positive test if they are asymptomatic. To the best of our knowledge, these people have contacted their close contacts (people within 6′ for 15 minutes or more within a 24 hour period, regardless of mask-wearing status).

  • 1/16/22 – 1 participant in the Sunday service and the 5th & 6th grade class
  • 1/9/22 – 1 participant at the Sunday service
  • 12/19/21 – 1 participant at the Sunday service

Please contact the church office with any questions.

Updated 1/19/2022.