Sermon Notes for Kids!
With coronavirus in town, we’re not meeting on Sunday mornings, but we still want to help our kids hear, understand, and grow in applying the gospel!

To help with that, our Children’s Ministry curriculum publisher, LifeWay, is giving us access to their Bible Study for Life: Kids materials. This isn’t what we use on Sunday mornings, but it is gospel-centered and family-friendly! We hope that you’ll use it and find it helpful!

To access this material:

  • Click here
  • If you already have a LifeWay account, log in here. If you don’t, register for an account. (The account is free).
  • Enter this redemption code: VZMD4SSQ38
  • Click “Access” (if prompted to sign in again, do that)
  • Click “My Dashboard” and go to LifeWay Kids at Home
  • Scroll down to get some basic information, and scroll down some more to find the videos.
  • Each lesson has one download with an Activity Page and One Conversation Sheet to use as you watch the video session.

This material will be available for the next 12 weeks.