Co-op’s Sick Child Policy

With a pretty contagious stomach bug going around right now and a particularly virulent strain of the flu this year, we want to remind all Co-op members to be vigilant in taking precautions to protect yourself, your family and those around you. We all need to work together to do this.  Please remind your children to wash their hands thoroughly and often because this is the best way to protect yourself and others from the germs that cause these illnesses.  

Please read the following excerpt from the Fairfax County Public Schools which has been edited for Co-op.  We will follow this policy until we establish one of our own.

Students exhibiting symptoms of illness, such as rashes, watery and inflamed eyes, fever greater than 100 F, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea, should remain at home until symptoms resolve in order to prevent the spread of infection. Children should not return to co-op until they are fever-free for 24 hours or after they have been evaluated by a health care professional who has determined the student is no longer contagious. Please notify the leadership team if your student contracts a contagious illness like strep throat or chicken pox, or is found to have an infestation of lice or other parasite.