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Who We Are:

The Child Protection Advisory Team (CPAT)’s primary mission is to provide input and advice pertaining to the safety and protection of the children and teens in our church community. The team accomplishes their mission by:

  • Reviewing guidelines and procedures
  • Monitoring that these guidelines are being followed
  • Serving as a resource for the elders and members when child safety issues arise
  • Promoting awareness of child safety issues by hosting seminars and trainings

Please contact us below if you would like to receive a free training on abuse awareness or if you are interested in joining the team.

Child Protection Resources:

CPAT Mission:

To provide the elders and members of RGC with input and advice pertaining to child safety and protection issues.

CPAT Governance:

CPAT members serve under the direction of the elders, as represented by the Executive Pastor. The elders determine the team composition and appoint the CPAT leader.

CPAT Participation:

The team meets 3-4 times per year to review any issues or concerns that the elders identify, and perform periodic reviews of guidelines and practices. The elders may call ad hoc meetings in situations where CPAT input would benefit the church.

Get to know our Deacon of Child Protection, Heather Alexander, in this video!
Meet the rest of our team!
  • Spencer Collier
    • County Youth and Family Program Manager
  • David Falke
    • Elder over Grace Kids
  • Vince Hinders
    • Executive Pastor
  • Kara Schmidt
    • Lawyer
  • Alexis Stepler
    • Family Services Specialist - Foster Care
  • SaraJane Strylowski
    • Church Administrator
  • Elizabeth Swadener
    • Grace Kids Director 

Have any questions for the CPAT team? Contact us here!

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