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Adam Suppes’ Testimony

When I was a child, my dad brought me regularly to hear the good news of what Jesus had done—how He became a human and took my place, living a perfect life and dying on a cross to pay for my wrongs against God. I accepted it intellectually. But I don’t think I truly trusted Jesus then, since I don’t remember feeling sorry for my sins, nor did I turn from them to follow Him. As I grew into a teenager, I enjoyed many sinful ways even while calling Jesus the Savior. During high school, I got to know some teens and a few adults who also claimed to be Christians, but they seemed to love God and each other in a way unlike I did. In college, I again found a group of Christian friends, but I still indulged in a sinful lifestyle.

About halfway through my first year of college, I realized that I needed God’s mercy, and I genuinely called out to Him. Soon afterward, some friends encouraged me to come to a Christian conference. There, among the many worshiping college students, I was confronted with the Lordship of Jesus: that He is a Savior and also a King who came to redeem a people for His kingdom. During that conference, I told Him I wanted to follow and live for Him, since He had given me everything and deserved everything from me. I began to experience God’s forgiveness when I came to Him through repentance and faith in Jesus. That’s also when, for the first time I can remember, I experienced true joy in God and His goodness.

Adam Suppes’ Vision 

I enjoy helping people connect to each other and encouraging them with God’s Word, and I expect to emphasize these goals if I have the chance to serve as an elder. While the gospel is our shared hope, I’m learning that “connecting” is not a one-size-fits-all activity, and that it means different things to teens, young parents, seniors, etc.

When I joined this church as a recent college grad, I was so blessed by the fellowship and discipleship I experienced here, and I want to see others have an equally life-giving experience. As a husband and parent, I’ve seen how the demands of family life can isolate us from this fellowship and discipleship, even though we still need it! As a parent of teens, I’m learning that we need to share the gospel and our lives with our children in ways that are both faithful to Christ and relevant to them, and how desperately we need God’s help to do that. And as a redeemed sinner, I’ve seen that my only power to live a joyful, fruitful Christian life is through my connection to Jesus. So may we all, with every opportunity, show Jesus to each other—experiencing and reflecting His love and joy.

Seeing a loving Christian community was crucial in drawing me to the Lord, and I believe He will use it here, not just to bless us, but also to draw to Himself our relatives, friends, and neighbors.