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Dave Sutor’s Testimony:

Is the Bible true?  Is there a God and if so what is He like?  These were the big questions I was wrestling with as a teenager.  I looked around and there seemed many contradictory pieces of evidence.   Ultimately it came down to whether I believed the Bible – was it true?  Late one night as I was trying to figure all this out I read 1 Corinthians 1.  Verse 25 says that the foolishness of God is wiser than men and in verse 18 it says that the cross is folly to those who are perishing.  The Holy Spirit opened my eyes and showed me that I was an arrogant, foolish sinner.   He gave me the gift of faith and new life in Christ.  God showed me it was not about me and my thoughts, but instead it was all about Him, His character, His grace and His love.

Dave Sutor’s Vision:

Many years later I am still a sinner, saved by grace, wanting to know God more and be more like Him.  I am excited to be doing this as part of this community of believers.   Jane and I joined the church when we moved from the UK in 1999.  It was originally for a one year assignment, but God obviously had different plans!  Being so far away from home we were both so grateful that God provided a wonderful family of believers, who welcomed us and taught us so much.  The church has changed and grown over the years, experienced blessings and challenges, but our core mission has not changed.  Our mission is “to go into our world with good news to make and equip growing disciples of Jesus Christ”.  That mission excites me.  I have directly experienced the outworking of that mission in my life and seen it in the lives of my family and friends.  As we enter this next season I’m excited to see how God would have us live out this mission in today’s world.   How do we make new disciples?  How do we help disciples grow?  How do we help believers engage with God’s word and apply it to their lives?    How do we continue to build a community of believers who are passionate about Christ?  How do we build a church that is diverse and multi-generational?     The gospel does not change, but we and the church are called to change.  We have not arrived, nor will we, until we see our Savior in glory.