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Edwin Lopez’s Testimony:

It has been twenty seven years since I came to the United States from my native country of El Salvador. I was only fifteen years of age when I landed in this country running away from the civil war in search of a better life.

I started High School almost immediately after arriving, and it was there where I met the brother of the man God would use to bring me back to Him. My High School friend Ronald and I had the same music class together; we became good friends so much so that we started a weekly jamming session at his house. One day, while jamming to the tunes of Metallica and Guns and Roses, William, Ronald’s older brother, extended me an invitation to go to church with him and his wife. I did not decline the invitation, I told him I would go with him, but in reality I was just trying to be nice because I had no intentions of attending church. William’s persistence finally made me come along with him, and it was not too long after visiting for the first time that I became a member, was baptized, and joined the worship band.

Many years went by and my life did not change because there was not a genuine remorse for my sin or a real love for Jesus. It was not until 2009 when I listened to a preaching from Pastor Paul Washer, Heart Cry Missionary Society’s founder that I believe God chose to open my eyes to the gospel. In his preaching Paul Washer described a God I did not know. Because of sin this God is indignant with the sinner every day (Psalms 7:11); it didn’t take long for me to find out that I was that sinner God was indignant with. But instead of getting rid of me, God had mercy on me and rescued me through the sacrifice of His own Son. Many years have gone by and by his grace, my love for Jesus, the church, holiness, and the work of the kingdom have been and are increasing every day!

Edwin Lopez’s Vision:

In 2011 I brought my family to our church looking for spiritual shelter; it took us months to find a church like RGC. We wanted to be part of a body of believers that were more interested in sound teaching, sound doctrine, and the simplicity of the gospel than being a cool church. Sound doctrine preaching churches are becoming very hard to find. I really love our church and her intentionality to stand for the gospel and truth.

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” The desire of my heart is for our church in general to be and become a church that delights in Jesus more and more every day, a church where we all can say, “Let the world keep its pleasures and riches, we choose Christ and his lordship over us and we will have it all.” My dream is to see our church filled with the Holy Spirit, committed to holiness, love for one another and love for the lost. I know that we have been going through many challenges as a church but God is still on His throne and He is faithful and loves His church. Apart from Christ, we cannot do anything but if we remain in Him and if we all ask, seek, and knock together, He has promised to give what is good to those who ask Him!