End of Year Pizza Party! PLEASE RSVP!!

Next Thursday, May 24th, we will be having our End of Year Pizza Party during lunch! We hope everyone can come!! Please RSVP to Dawn Okada (dawn@okada.net) to let her know:

  1. Will you be attending?
  2. How many REGULAR pizza eaters will be coming from your family?
  3. How many GLUTEN FREE pizza eaters will be coming from your family?  If you have gluten-free pizza eaters, they can have 2 slices of pizza each and can choose between cheese and pepperoni.  Which type of pizza do your gluten-free eaters prefer?

If you are able, please bring a finger food dessert to share!  (NO Peanut Butter, Peanuts or Tree nuts please!!)

TEACHERS:  If you teach a 3rd period class, please release your students by 12:15 next Thursday!

We need a head count so PLEASE email Dawn with your numbers!