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Sunday School Class

April 23, 2017 @ 8:30 am - 9:45 am

War, Soldiering, and Christian Ethics: An Overview of the Just War Tradition

 Lead by: Brian Auten and Dennis Wischmeier

This Sunday School class is meant to provide a 5-week survey of the historical just war tradition.  It will also highlight contemporary challenges to the tradition, including modern technologies and the threat of violent jihadism

Book — David D. Corey and J. Daryl Charles, The Just War Tradition: An Introduction (ISI, 2012)

23 April — The Early Church & Augustine on Christian participation in warfare (Brian)

30 April — Evolution of Early Modern Just War Theory; jus ad bellum criteria (Dennis)

7 May — jus in bello criteria, esp. with reference to rules of engagement & debates re: drone use & targeted killing (Dennis)

14 May — The current state of just war theory; Christian Pacifism and Christian Realism; the impact of nuclear weapons on the tradition (Brian)

21 May — Just War and the threat of violent jihadism (Brian)