Faithful Church

We’ve come to an historic moment in our church’s history as we’ve followed the Spirit’s leading to unite with Sojourn Church.

As we combine into one new church, what is our vision? What do we hope for?

Above all, we want to bring glory to God by being faithful to Him, to the gospel, and to one another. For our first nine Sundays together, beginning May 2, we will open God’s Word, primarily to the book of Ephesians, to see what it means to be a faithful church, so that we might live to see God glorified in our church and among our neighbors and the nations as we strive to make and equip growing disciples of Jesus Christ together.

Justin and I will share the preaching responsibilities for this series and we are excited to have the opportunity to soak in God’s Word to be inspired about what it means that we have become God’s temple, his church. We’ll begin and end the series with what’s most important, focusing on our faithful God and his amazing plan to save a people and to bring glory to himself through the church. In between we’ll reflect on our unity, worship, mission, being filled with the Spirit, looking out for our fellow church members, and more.

Reading through Ephesians two or three times will be a great way to prepare your heart for this series and these first steps in our life together as a combined congregation.