Thank you for joining Redeeming Grace Church and Sojourn Church for our Good Friday service! Throughout church history, Christians around the world have gathered on Good Friday to reflect on the suffering, death, and burial of Jesus Christ. Even as we remember and meditate on the cross of Christ, we can look forward with eager anticipation to celebrating the Lord’s resurrection on Easter morning.


Call to Worship: Responsive Reading
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Scripture Reading
John 12:27-33

The Hour
Mark Mullery

Lord’s Supper
– quiet reflection –
Nothing but the Blood


“Tenebrae” means “darkness” or “shadows.” Tenebrae services have been practiced by the church since medieval times. Tonight’s service will conclude with a series of readings taking us through Jesus’ betrayal, crucifixion, and death. After each reading a candle is blown out until the final candle is quenched, symbolizing Jesus’ death. We end our service in silence without a benediction, as we await the news of the resurrection on Easter Sunday morning.

Betrayed: Matthew 26:20 – 25

Suffered: Luke 22:39 – 46

Accused: Matthew 26:57 – 68

Denied: Matthew 26:69-75

Condemned: Matthew 27:24-26

Crucified: Matthew 27:27-38

Interlude: Man of Sorrows

Died: Luke 23:44 – 49

Buried: Matthew 27:57 – 61

Please take conversations into the lobby for silence to be observed in the auditorium, in preparation for Sunday’s celebration of the resurrection of Christ.