Joining with Sojourn Update

This past Sunday Vince updated us about our discussions with Sojourn Church. He explained that since Sojourn approached us about joining together as churches, there have been three big questions to consider:

Is it possible? Is it feasible? Is it desirable?

Based on our elders’ discussions of the first two questions and a general enthusiasm among both elderships, they are now looking at the third question. This question, rephrased as “Is this what God wants for our church and their church?” is leading us to plan opportunities for both churches to continue to get to know one another in September, October, and November.

This Sunday we begin a joint six-week series on being Kingdom Citizens, where we will meet jointly for three Sundays, and Mark and Justin will share the preaching responsibilities for both churches. We will also schedule opportunities for members and elders of both churches to get to know one another and will have a joint Worship and Prayer Meeting on October 23. Additionally, we’ll schedule member meetings and other opportunities for our members to ask questions of our elders. We want our members to be involved in the process, and we want whatever course we take to be done in faith.

Please feel free to reach out to an elder with your questions and thoughts!