Kingdom Citizens Questions

During our Kingdom Citizens series, we will be providing you questions each week for reflection and study for the coming week’s sermon text. Please use these to help prepare your heart to receive God’s Word this Sunday. The sermon title this week is “The Kingdom Is Tomorrow” from Revelation 11:15-19.

  • The Book of Revelation is full of imagery. What imagery stands out to you in this text?
  • Read v. 15. What is significant about what John writes here? What is he telling us? What do we learn about the Kingdom of God?
  • Read v. 16. Why do the twenty-four elders respond in the way they do to the declaration that is made?
  • Read v. 17-19. What do learn will happen when the Kingdom of God is fulfilled?
  • What is significant about the tense of the verbs in this text? What does it communicate to you?
  • How does this text encourage you or challenge you as you find yourself living life in the midst of a messy and broken world? How might it encourage others?
  • Who is someone you can share something with that you learned from this text this week?