Kingdom Citizens Questions – Week Four

During our Kingdom Citizens series, we will be providing you questions each week for reflection and study for the coming week’s sermon text. Please use these to help prepare your heart to receive God’s Word this Sunday. The sermon title this week is “We Are Merciful Neighbors” from Isaiah 58:1-12.

  • Who is speaking in this text? Why is that important to remember?
  • What are the people doing, not doing, and complaining about in v. 2-4?
  • In vv. 1-5 What does God say to them about how they are living?
  • What kind of lives does God call for in vv. 6-7?
  • How does this challenge our ideas of the life we are called to live as citizens in the Kingdom of God?
  • What does this kind of life look like practically here and now? Why does it matter?
  • What is the outcome of living this way (v. 8-12)? How does this encourage you to live as a merciful neighbor to your neighbors?
  • If we take this message from God seriously, what might change in our lives?