To be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, a disciple needs to know and be able to share the gospel. This five part class equips Christians with a biblical, and yet simple methodology for sharing the gospel. Know and Share the gospel will help you:

  • Strengthen the foundations of your faith.
  • Grow in the ability to articulate the gospel in a variety of situations.
  • Build healthy relationships with people outside the church.
  • Learn to share the gospel simply, clearly and effectively and boldly.
  • Want to grow in your love for God and his purposes.
  • See people changed by the power of the gospel.

Lesson 1: A Simple, Clear Presentation of the Gospel using Romans 6:23
The Importance of the Gospel in the Christian’s Life
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Lesson 2: Relational Evangelism
Using Questions to Know and Love People, and to Open Doors to the Gospel
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Lesson 3: Personal Testimony
Using “My Story” to Relate to People and Communicate the Gospel
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Lesson 4: Love, Know, Speak, Do – and – Answering Common Questions and Objections
Don’t Try to Answer, before You Show the Love of Christ and Understand where a Person is Coming From
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Lesson 5: Answering Common Questions and Objections to the Gospel and Christianity
Course Summary and Next Steps
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