Join us for Online CM!

Children’s Ministry (CM)  (revised April 2021)

Welcome! We’re excited about Jesus, and want to help kids be excited, too! The Bible is more than just stories – so we bring our own relationships with Jesus into the classroom as we teach kids about the gospel. While parents are listening to truths of God’s word through the preaching, children hear the truths of God’s word in our weekly Children’s Ministry, and are encouraged to know and trust Him.

With the gospel as our central focus, we currently have one class for children aged 3 through 10. We plan to continue welcoming more children, and expanding to more classes, as we get more volunteers and more families return to in-person services. If you’d like to serve, please contact Brenna McCartney, our CM Director.

When you arrive on Sunday, please use a kiosk in the Main Lobby or Basement Lobby to check your children in. You’ll receive a sticker/name tag for each child, and a matching one for a parent, which you’ll need when it’s time to pick them up. At RGC we worship together as families, so proceed into the Main Auditorium for worship, and then during the announcement time, you’ll be invited to take your children to CM. Please bring your child to the Basement Auditorium, where they’ll get checked in. After the sermon, come back to the Basement Auditorium with your sticker to check-out your child!

Before COVID, we had Children’s Ministry for children aged 12 months through 6th grade, divided into the classes and programs listed below. As in-person attendance and volunteers increase, this is the kind of structure that is in view.

For more information about Children’s Ministry, please contact Brenna McCartney. Thanks for joining us! We look forward to meeting you!