2017 Men’s Retreat

The men of Redeeming Grace Church met on March 3rd and 4th, 2017 for a men’s retreat.

Our goal for the weekend was for each man in attendance to grow in his personal experience of the glory of

God – the great Missionary. It is out of the joy of sharing an authentic relationship with the living God that we will find motivation to live together as men on a mission.

Men on a mission don’t add mission to their lives…as men called by God, we are called to live as

missionaries to our community, incorporating mission into our regular lives.

At the retreat, different men in our congregation shared personal stories of how they were seeking to incorporate mission into their day-to-day lives. Click on the names below to listen to these messages and stories again in order to be encouraged as men on a mission.

Message 1: Mark Mullery – Whose Mission? (Ephesians 1:3-6)

Message 2: Vince Hinders – Message Two: Our Mission Together (John 1:1-16)

Message 3: Kenneth Maresco – Message Three: Men on a Mission (Acts 18:1-11)

Mission Stories – These stories are not dramatic stories of victory, rather these are real guys sharing how they are seeking to incorporate mission in their daily lives. Listen to be inspired and encouraged to be men on a mission:

Andrew Schaaf

Kristo Voda

Tom Gravely

JB Tharp

Ken McGrath