Choral Ensemble

Why We Sing

Worship: to honor God and give him glorious praise using His own qualities of creativity, beauty and excellence (Ps. 66:2; Gen 1:31)

Community: to build community while encouraging singers to use their vocal gifts to serve others in Christ’s name and for His glory (Heb 10:24-25; Col. 3:17)

Evangelism: to use vocal music’s ability to bring together people of various cultures and to shine the light of God’s grace and testify to the truth about Christ.

Geoff Sawyer
Geoff SawyerDirector
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The choral ensemble holds biweekly rehearsals on Sundays from August to May, and performs seasonally at worship services and other events.

The season begins in August with auditions, followed by regular rehearsals starting in September.  The choral ensemble supports our church’s worship services, sings at occasional concert-like events, and reaches out to the community by visiting assisted living centers, and caroling in nearby neighborhoods during the month of December.