A Place People Can Call “Home”

Vince Hinders

As Bonnie and I sat in the Sunday meeting this past week, we were so grateful for all that the Lord is doing in Redeeming Grace Church.  Stephanie Haddock de Jesus, one of the new members, shared her story of coming to RGC. She recounted the various times she was warmly welcomed and the ways she’s been able to participate in the life of our church. It was deeply moving to both of us to know that Stephanie experienced the love of Christ from so many different people who welcomed her and included her into our church family. These are things we’ve prayed for as a church and it’s a joy to see our prayers being answered.

Another prayer that many of us have been praying is that our church would look like the community we live in and include members from many different nations and cultural backgrounds. As Kenneth introduced the latest group of new members, we rejoiced over the diversity of the group. This snapshot was a small glimpse of heaven and it reminded me that the gospel is for people from all nations.

Being in the same church for a long time (23+ years for us) has some great advantages, and one of the best is seeing the Lord at work over time, helping us grow in grace, love, and mercy. Thanks for making this church a great place for people to call “home.”

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