Outside Policies – Please Read!

Hi all,

We neglected to clarify all of our outdoor policies at our co-op meeting Sept 24.  We apologize for any confusion. Please read the following excerpt from the policy manual and let your children know our parameters. During Thursday lunch times, children may not be in the woods, on the rocks or on the hill. And the picnic tables referenced are the ones next to the building not any up the hill in the woods.

Outside Policies
Parents are always responsible for their children. On Tuesdays, students may not be outside unless a parent can be an outside supervisor. On Thursdays, at lunchtime, students may only be at the soccer fields (with a soccer monitor), at the playground (with a parent), or at the picnic tables. Students may not be in the woods, on the “hill,” or on the rocks. Students may not walk across Rt. 123 to go to the gas station or to the store. The only time a student may walk off church grounds is to walk home, and they must have their parent’s permission for this. Students may not be outside between classes (including in a car) and need to be inside when waiting for a ride. On wet days, there will be no outside play. If the outside is “closed,” no student may be outside unless with their parent. If your child spends time outside at lunchtime, you will be asked to serve as a soccer field monitor periodically during the lunch break. If there are too many kids to play on one soccer field, or the size difference is putting smaller kids at risk, the teams will be divided in this way: Grades 1-6 on Field 1 and Grades 7- 12 on Field 2. Please instruct your child to play on the appropriate field. Please tell your kids to use the “front” part of the parking lot (to the right as they come out of the Co-op door of the building) to walk to the soccer fields and volleyball nets. There will still be some traffic on this route, but there should be no backing up and only one-way traffic. There are to be no bikes, skateboards, scooters etc…in the parking lot during Co-op hours unless prior arrangements have been made through the “Wheeled Sports Policy” and parental supervision is available.