College and Career Rancho3M Mission Trip 2019

On March 9-16, a team of six young adults embarked on a mission to Rancho 3M in Guadelupe, Mexico. On the surface-level, we spent the week painting rocks and trees, staining wood, weeding, playing with kids, and experiencing dust storms. However, on a deeper-level, we created deep connections with one another and the staff and children at the Ranch, learned more about the attributes of God and saw them at work, experienced the grace and love of God and did our best to be reflections of that to the Ranch.

In preparation for this week, we spent time meeting, praying together, and each of us prepared a discussion on an attribute of God—love, wisdom, justice, mercy, faithfulness, and truth. From the very beginning, our team functioned more as a family, and God continued to help us cultivate that dynamic throughout the week.

For those who have never been to the Ranch, it is an amazing respite to the harshness of the surrounding area. The school, church, homes, and farm are all contained within this property. The kids have an opportunity to learn not only in school, but also life skills in areas like agriculture and ranching, or even managing the Rancho 3M store (run by the older girls on the Ranch). When the kids are out of school, the Ranch is filled with the sounds of kids playing, music, and laughter. Though I don’t want to minimize their hardships, God’s presence is active and palpable at Rancho 3M.

This mission trip was a huge blessing to me, and I am so thankful to Stephanie Haddock de Jesús, Natalie Hinders, and everyone else involved in making this trip happen. This was a special opportunity for born-again young adults to practice being missional, and experience all the grace of God that missions bring. I hope and pray more mission opportunities will arise for the College & Career age group and I look forward to seeing how God uses these opportunities in growing our community and drawing us closer to him. If you would like to learn more about the Ranch, how to get involved, or sponsor a child, visit their website.

-Abigail Mills