Marriage Retreat Follow Up

At the 2018 Marriage Retreat, Matt and Julia Bradner shared principles and practices to help us create a life-giving and loving marriage culture in our homes. It was Biblical, practical, and helpful.

We are able to provide audios of the teaching and the notebook until May 18, 2020. So whether you attended the retreat or missed it, please consider going through these recordings with your spouse or together with your community group.

May our marriages display the love of God!



  1. Introduction (approximately 8 minutes, page 2)
  2. Nourish and Cherish (approximately 31 minutes, pages 2-5)
  3. Pursuit Catch Pursuit (approximately 41 minutes, pages 6-9)
  4. Celebrate Their Design – Personality & Preferences (approximately 22 minutes, pages 10-11)
  5. Seek to Understand (approximately 47 minutes, pages 12-13)
  6. Leverage Each Other’s Strengths (approximately 27 minutes, pages 14-15)
  7. Involve Others (approximately 20 minutes, pages 16-17)
  8. Conclusion (approximately 17 minutes, but at about minute 6, you’ll want to skip to minute 13 )