Day 5- Foundation of Life

Bible Lesson

Optional pre-Bible lesson activity:

Make a building that won’t fall over!
1. Provide kids with 10 disposable cups (you can use the cups in your box!) and 3 feet of painter’s tape/duct tape.
2. Challenge kids (either individually or as a team) to build a structure that will not fall over when it is set in front of a fan while it is running.
3. Set a timer for three minutes and keep them updated of the available time left.
4. When time is up, direct kids to set their structures on the tape line near the box fan and turn the fan on. See who’s structure can stay strong against the fan!
5. Say: “Wise builders know that disasters happen and plan their buildings to survive those disasters. Jesus told a story about a builder who did the same thing.”

Missions Lesson

Watch the missions lesson here!