Day 3- Foundation of Worth

Bible Lesson

Option pre-Bible lesson activity:

Awake, awake, asleep!
1. Comment that when power tools and heavy equipment are in use on a job site, workers must stay alert. Sleeping on the job is not permitted!
2. Guide kids to form a circle and play a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose.
3. The “foreman” of your choice will walk around the circle, tapping kids on the shoulder, saying “awake” or “asleep” with each tap.
4. When the foreman identifies someone as “asleep,” that player will chase the foreman around the circle, attempting to tag him before he takes the player’s place in the circle. Play as many rounds as time permits.
5. Mention that today’s Bible story includes three disciples who were discovered sleeping on the job.

Missions Lesson

Watch the missions lesson here!