We’d Like to Hear From You

What are Midweek Musings?

Last summer we started writing this weekly feature here in RGC Connect and today we’d like to ask for your help. Before that request, here’s how we got here.

The idea is for Midweek Musings (Thanks, Dawn Opie, for naming this column!)  to give your pastors (usually me) a way to share briefly with you something that we hope will be strengthening and encouraging in the middle of the week. When I was a recent college graduate, and a member of Arcata First Baptist Church, Pastor Jackson wrote a column each Monday that arrived in our mailboxes (snail mail!) in the middle of the week. I found these columns to be timely and encouraging and we hope you’ll have the same experience with our Midweek Musings.

What Do We Write About?

We may comment on a current event, or answer a Bible question one of you has asked about, or reflect on something awesome about God and His gospel which is stirring our own souls.  We might write about something related to a sermon, such as a practical way to apply the last sermon, or about how God is at work in our church.

How can you help?

We’ve heard from some of you already. Thanks! In fact, enough people seem to find this helpful that we’re going to begin circulating this not only through RGC Connect but through our social media accounts as well.

We’d really like to hear from you. Some ideas to get you started:

  • What are you thinking about?
  • What questions do you have about how to live for Christ at GMU, or the Pentagon, or at home with your kids?
  • What is going on in our world that worries you? Encourages you? Enrages you?
  • What would you appreciate hearing in the middle of the week that might make grace amazing or magnify Christ?
  • What are your hopes and dreams for our church?
  • Are there any of these Midweek Musings that you’ve found especially helpful? Any unhelpful?
  • How do you like the length of these posts? Would you prefer shorter? Longer?

We are creating a special email address for Midweek Musings; contact us here.


Mark Mullery