Andre Yee on Why God Must be the Hero of Our Story

Have you ever wondered why God’s people can find themselves facing problems they can’t solve? Why do the Israelites find themselves backed up against the Red Sea, chased down by Egypt’s mighty army, with no place to go? Why do we see so many times in the Bible when God’s people fail to be faithful or, when they are faithful, they then find themselves without the resources they need?

God is writing a great story and he alone is the hero. God is the hero when we fail, and God is the hero when we face powers and situations far more powerful than we are.

Longtime RGC member Andre Yee reminds us that God is not only the hero of the stories in the Bible, but he is the hero of our stories as well. You can read the whole thing at this Desiring God post. And be sure to grab hold of the five promises at the end of the article.


Mark Mullery