Last week pastor and author Joshua Harris announced that he and his wife, Shannon, were separating. A few days later he followed up with the news that he was no longer a Christian. Some of us know Josh through his books and conferences. Others visited or attended Covenant Life Church while he was lead pastor there.

Whether we know him and his family well or not at all, this is sad news. The breakup of a family is always painful. The departure from the faith by someone who has taught God’s Word and ministered to many is a tragedy that may leave us perplexed, angry, sorrowful, struggling or any of a number of other responses.

Last week Covenant Life Church circulated a letter in response to this news. We found this winsome and wise and I want to pass it along, with their permission, here. Let’s join others in praying for the Harris family to encounter the God we saw last Sunday in Jonah chapter 2, the gracious God who saves.

If you find yourself troubled by what’s happened, please reach out to any of the elders here. We would be happy to talk and pray with you about this.


Mark Mullery

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