August 16 Update

Our online service is available at YouTube.

We will hold a simplified outside service at 5:00 p.m. in the upper parking lot with Sojourn. Here’s a map and some helpful information:

  • Please park in the lower lot or the small lot.
  • If you need to park in handicapped parking or have gear to drop off, please pull past the overhang and a parking attendant will help you.
  • We will still have the Lord’s Supper. You can pick up the elements on your way in.
  • Bathroom access will be through the side doors.
  • There will be no bags for children.
  • This service will be streamed by Sojourn on Facebook Live. You don’t need a Facebook account to access it!
  • Song lyrics and message outline for the worship service – print version & phone version or use the QR code on the signs when you enter.