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Thanksgiving in an American Home

November 23, 2023

Would you prayerfully consider adding two or more plates to your Thanksgiving table to welcome international students from George Mason University? 

In partnership with Mason administration, this Thanksgiving holiday (Thursday, November 23) we need families willing to add two or more places to their Thanksgiving traditions to welcome international students! To sign up, please fill out this form.

Your kindness will give students the opportunity to be invited into an American home, to experience an American holiday, and to learn more about American culture. For us, it is an open door to extend hospitality, to befriend our neighbors, and to allow students to experience us giving thanks to the Lord!

Emmanuel, a former student at GMU and former member at RGC, shared a few years ago about his experience:

I came to America alone. I had no one to call family, to put me through and give me a good head start here until the Uribes decided to host me during their Thanksgiving celebration in 2018. This simple act of kindness has birthed several other relationships both in Redeeming Grace Church and in the community that I will cherish forever.”

Phil, a member at RGC who hosted with his family a few students last year, commented:

[The students] were so fun to have here and we really enjoyed learning some about their families and cultures.  It was their first Thanksgiving in America and they seemed to really enjoy celebrating with us…Honestly it felt like such a privilege to have people from unreached nations in our home hearing about Jesus and experiencing His love.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity!”

Last year, as a church we were a part of sharing Christ’s love with students from China, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), India, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand! Who will the Lord allow us to bless and welcome this Thanksgiving through you?!

To receive more information about this opportunity, please contact Abigail Krafsig.