Thank YOU for hosting Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we thanked God for you–for your warm hospitality, your willingness to welcome a stranger into your family, and your heart for the nations that are here now. Thank you for being an example of Jesus to the nations!

As a church, we were a part of sharing Christ’s love with students from: China, The Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, and Thailand! May the Lord grow the seeds of love and truth planted this Thanksgiving Day. 

Phil shared about his family’s experience with the students: “They were so fun to have here and we really enjoyed learning some about their families and cultures.  It was their first Thanksgiving in America and they seemed to really enjoy celebrating with us…Honestly it felt like such a privilege to have people from unreached nations in our home hearing about Jesus and experiencing His love.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity!”

Thank YOU for opening your hearts and your home! We can’t wait to do it again!  ◡̈

Enjoy some pictures from some of the host families and their students! (Please do not share.)

For more information about International Friends (IF) Mason and other opportunities like this, please contact Stephanie Haddock De Jesús