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Below is a brief update from the Sakaguchis, in case you missed it a few weeks ago!

Seven Years

Dear Friends,

This spring we passed the seven-year mark of living in Tokyo. A few facts:

  • We have lived in the current house (well, it’s an apartment…) longer than any other place as a married couple.
  • All our kids, except for J, have lived in Japan longer than they did in America. J is officially taller than both of us, though.
  • The Lord has provided for our every need and beyond. Great is His faithfulness!

Even though it’s been over seven years, in many ways we still feel like we’re rookies here. But the Lord has sustained us this long in Japan through your prayers and support for us. We thank God for you!

With gratefulness,
Seita & Emma

For over a year, we’ve used Zoom for our Sunday worship gathering, Bible studies, and other gatherings in order to stay connected with people in our community. We are grateful for Zoom, but we long to meet in person for worship soon. Please pray that the Lord will lead us and give us a suitable venue in his timing.

One of the biggest challenges during this pandemic has been finding ways to build relationships with new friends. We’ve had a few picnics outside, and these have been precious opportunities to see people. Emma recently met a mom and her son at a local Starbucks and eventually invited her family to one of these picnics, and she is now participating in a ladies’ Bible study Emma is leading. (More on her story later hopefully – God’s leading is evident!) Please pray for deepening relationships in our community.

K-san has invited me to play golf with his friends a couple of times this year. Lots of laughter and great conversations during the long drive to the course and back. He is attending our Sunday worship weekly and reading the Bible everyday since the beginning of this year. Please pray that the Spirit will give him new life. He’s also helping me think through how we can help the men in our community to be better engaged with their family and with each other. Please pray for relational fruit.

Celebrating Mothers’ Day. Emma’s creativity, attentiveness to each one’s emotional needs, and her tireless care for our kids inspire me daily to be a better reflection of the Father to my kids. It’s a joy to be on mission with her and raise our kids together here in Tokyo. Please pray for God’s ongoing protection, guidance, and wisdom for our family.