Book Review: “Safeguards” by Julie Lowe

Heather Alexander is our Deacon of Child Protection, and we recently asked her to review Safeguards, by Julie Lowe.

Talking about the risks our children face today can be a terrifying subject, to put it mildly. Parents often struggle to identify the right course of action when dealing with issues like technology, abuse, bullying, sleepovers, mental health, drug usage, violence, and much more. Julie Lowe’s latest book, Safeguards: Shielding our Homes and Equipping our Kids, offers a better option than giving in to paralyzing dread or denial. The book provides biblical and helpful guidance to assist parents and other adults in keeping children safe from various threats. The book also offers age-appropriate safety skills and resources to help navigate safety issues from preschool through college.

Julie Lowe, the author, adds a wealth of expertise to the subject. She has over twenty years’ experience as a registered professional counselor and faculty member at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF). In addition, Julie is a licensed play therapist and the author of Building Bridges, Child Proof, Helping Your Anxious Child, and Teens and Suicide.

The author’s biblical worldview reminds us that the Lord is the source of our hope! He is our strength for defending against the dangers of the fallen world and the dangers within our hearts. Building upon this foundation, Lowe stresses the significance of giving kids the tools to evaluate people’s actions and provides ways to model how to live by faith in a world where evil exists. Rather than living in fear or denial, parents and caregivers can grow in a biblical understanding of the dangers and issues children might face and learn how to instill confidence and conviction in responding to new or fearful situations.

Instead of being a comprehensive guide or a parenting instruction manual, Safeguards provides advice to consider in chapters that are brief enough to read quickly and ideal for discussion with others. Overall, the book is a helpful guide for parents and other adults who want to keep children safe and instill a biblical worldview to help them navigate complex life challenges.

– Heather Alexander, Deacon of Child Protection

*We have one free copy of the book available. Please email Ellim Wegerbauer if you are interested!

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