Update to Balcony Seating

Last week we communicated upcoming changes to our service and other areas of church life. Below are new distancing guidelines for the Main Auditorium.

Starting this Sunday, May 9, seating in the balconies will change as follows:

  • Instead of two empty rows between seating rows, we will have one empty row.
  • Instead of four empty seats between households, we will have three empty seats.
  • Children under the age of 2 will be allowed in the balconies without a mask, in compliance with CDC guidelines.
  • All adults and children aged 2 and older will be required to wear a mask.

With these changes to the balcony seating, we remain compliant with Gov. Northam’s Executive Orders, and are able to accommodate families with infants, while slightly increasing our capacity.

Please note: a few months ago, the Basement Auditorium was available to view the service via life feed. That space is now being used by Grace Kids.

If you have any questions, please contact Vince or SaraJane.